About you, Sidee and Scapeside

About you & me

Hi travellers and landscape aficionados !
You want to have the most beautiful views on your trip ? Me too !
Scapeside will make your wish come true :)

My name is Sidee.
I'm an adventurous bird that travels a lot and all I want is for my trip to begin from the journey itself.
I Wanna see all the most beautiful landscapes in my transport wherever I'm going !

Besides being an avid traveler, I worked 8 years as a product owner on web and mobile app projects in France.
My assignment was to be the bridge between a non web initiated client who wants an app or a web site and the engineers doing that app.
So my job was mainly to think of solutions for the engineers based on the clients' needs. So it was mainly based on analysis and communication. The most important part was the intel circulation I had to share between all the services : the client, his partners, the marketing team, the user experience team, the design architect, the legal team, the tech team (system architects, developers, testers, etc.).
I worked on 3 big projects during those 8 years (long assignments, always punctuated with big travels ):
· French Taxes Ministry : product owner on the web solution of the state taxes payment for the individuals and the companies.
· French Ministry of Interior : change management to introduce the biometric passport in France
· voyages-sncf.com : product owner assistant on mobile and web solutions for the biggest french platform for buying travels and more (hostels, planes, trains, car rentals, stays, etc.)

And now, I dedicate myself to scapeside.com, the first project that is my very own !
This project takes origin from the fact that whenever I travel, I need to know the best side to be seated to enjoy the greatest landscapes. So when I take a bus, I always ask the driver which side I should be seated. But when it comes to planes or trains, it's not possible to disturb the driver to ask him that, therefore on those transports the seats are already assigned, so it's too late !
Then I decided to provide a website in which everyone can find the best side for his journey, and scapeside was born.
Because I don't come from a tech background, the main difficulty for me was the development of the site, so I had to acquire web development skills by myself (with some help, named in the credits page), and that's quite challenging for a newbie ! :)

I take a great pleasure doing this, because I will be the first user of this app and I hope you'll enjoy it too !
Tell me your feelings using the contact form :)

And last, this site being Sidee's only resource, please make a donation

Sidee is not putting any ads and doesn't get any income for this website that constitutes its only job. Hence a donation would be greatly appreciated so that Sidee can eat all the seeds he needs to be strong and well in order to increase this website :)
Via the secured link below you can donate with your paypal account or directly with your credit card or your bank account :