Scapeside upcoming features

Upcoming features

· Check and post recommendations for train, bus, airport shuttle and boat journeys
· User connection : join and log in to manage your recommendations, modify them, etc.
· Badges & likes : vote for the best recommendations to guide people to the most relevant content
· Multilingual platform : feel free to use the contact form to tell Sidee which language you want this website to include
· Social networks advanced interactions : use twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest to show what you've posted or to directly post on scapeside !
· Post videos taken from your window in addition to photos
· Filter the recommendations (by airport, airline, date, ranking, likes, language, etc.)
· Content added about things you care about (such as : "how to take good pictures through an airplane window", etc.)
· Show your upcoming airplane journey on a map to allow you to spot beautiful views such as mountains and islands, and to see which side will have sunrises or sunsets, etc.

· Feel free to tell us whatever feature you want to see on via the contact form :)

For all of this to happen, please make a donation

Sidee is not putting any ads and doesn't get any income for this website that constitutes its only job. Hence a donation would be greatly appreciated so that Sidee can eat all the seeds he needs to be strong and well in order to increase this website :)
Via the secured link below you can donate with your paypal account or directly with your credit card or your bank account :